Welcome to History at Newbattle

This website is designed to give you any information you might need to study History at Newbattle. If you want help ask a teacher, come on Wednesday lunchtimes to room 62, or email d.hayes@mgfl.net

Why study History?

If you want to know WHY then you’ll like History. We want to find out why things happened, we discuss and argue about what was more important. We present and put forward opinions. Check out the key questions on each of the web pages.

These are vital skills in the wider world and particularly suited to anyone who wants to work in the media, law, police, tourism and the heritage industries. History is also particularly liked for entry to universities and colleges.

What courses do we follow?

In S1 we follow a combined course with Geography and some Modern Studies. Your teacher will be with you for 3 lessons a week to help you become really expert in Social Subjects.

In S2 we follow a rota with Geography. You will do  8 weeks of History, 8 weeks of Geography and  Modern Studies.

In S3 you can choose to specialise in particular subjects. Naturally you’ll be even more successful if you choose both History and Geography!

In S4 you focus again- we’ll aim to get you qualifications at either National 3, 4 or 5.

In S5/6 we’ll aim to get you further qualifications up to Higher and beyond.

For details of all these courses look at the next web-pages.