Welcome to History at Newbattle

This website is designed to give you any information you might need to study History at Newbattle.

Why study History?

We want to find out why things happened, we discuss and argue about what was more important. We present and put forward opinions. Check out what you will find out, discuss and argue about on this site.

These are vital skills in the wider world and particularly suited to anyone who wants to work in the media, law, police, tourism and the heritage industries. History is also particularly liked for entry to universities and colleges.

What courses do we follow?

In S1 we follow a combined course with Geography known as Social Subjects. You will come to Social Subjects three times a week.

In S2 we follow a rota with Geography. You will study some blocks of History and then swap over with Geography every so often.

In S3 you can choose to specialise in History as you begin to focus on the subjects that really matter to you.

In S4 you focus again – we’ll aim to get you qualifications at either National 3, 4 or 5.

In S5/6 we’ll aim to get you further qualifications up to Higher and beyond.